Media-MED Sp. z o.o. - our story and mission

Poland’s entry into the European Union in 2004 opened completely new opportunities for business. The idea for the company was born from the industry experience of its founders, Anna Grochowska and Jacek Bekas and a number of needs that appeared on the medical market. Our original mission was to enable patients to broadly access to modern specialist dressings used in the treatment of wounds difficultly healing through promotion and education in terms of their application.

From the very beginning, the company implemented a chosen strategy in accordance with the adopted name „Media-Med” where „Media” is the emphasis on running a business with modern communication channels, in particular online sales, and „med” refers to activities in a specialized industry which is medicine . A professional and flexible approach to the customer, a comprehensive offer and substantive support meant that after a short time we became one of the largest suppliers of specialist dressings both in the hospital sector and for the individual recipient – the patient.

The driving force in subsequent years of operation was primarily the perception of Media-Med as a reliable business partner and the growing market demand for innovative high quality products. We put on diversification, we have expanded the assortment for areas such as medical sterilization, decontamination, medical equipment and devices for automatic cleaning and disinfection of endoscopic equipment. We owe the dynamic development of the company to consistently climbing the strategic assumptions adopted at the very beginning of the activity, i.e. possession of a comprehensive product offer, fully securing the client’s needs and a professional approach to each project.

The direction of further development of Media-Med is the sector of advanced technologies in the medical and biotechnology area. We focus on developing a medical equipment offer and introducing modern solutions for the broadly understood Life Sciences industry. We extend our portfolio with highly specialized devices and products. For laboratories, research and development institutions, the biotechnology, production and pharmaceutical industry.

1. Consulting

We approach each client individually and respond to their unique needs.

2. Distribution

We are a Polish distributor of many reputable producers from Europe and North America. Our portfolio includes products from companies such as: STERIS, Albert Browne, Wassenburg, Dr Weigert, Bolsaplast, Nanosonics, Meiko and many others.

3. After-sales service

Good and long-term relationships with our clients are of the utmost importance to us. We take care of professional service at every stage of the order fulfillment.

4. Medical devices service

We provide maintenance services at the highest level. We focus on professionalism and responsiveness.

Our Awards